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A Classic Absinthe Fountain

May 5, 2007

The absinthe fountain is the pride and joy of any true connoisseur’s collection of absinthe related accessories. The absinthe fountain is a highly regarded piece of paraphernalia for anyone who wants to drink absinthe the right way and stylishly. 

A typical fountain is a large glass jar of cold water on a stand with spigots. A classic absinthe fountain is an ornate vessel with numerous taps around its central water container, which permits a number of absinthe drinkers to louche their absinthe at the same time. It allowed a number of drinks to be prepared at once; and with a hands-free trickle, absinthe lovers were able to freely mingle while diluting their absinthe according to taste.

The Green Fairy is back, and with it, the absinthe fountain is fast making a place again in the grand and much happening parties.  An  absinthe drinking person  must use a fountain, because the entire experience is very novel and exquisite.